Culture Overview


Premium Solutions recognises that people are our business, and we make every effort to provide our people with a supportive and positive experience.

People & Culture


At PSG, we have recognition awards to motivate our staff and to recognise top talent within our business. Every month, we reward our best performing employee with an “Employee of the Month” award.

Social & Networking

PSG provides our people with regular opportunities to socialise at company events. This allows networking to take place in a more relaxed environment and fosters good working relationships among other employees.

Professional Development

At PSG, we know we can achieve a happier, more productive workforce where employees are less likely to move on from the organisation, and be advocates for our brand, if they understand their professional development and career progression options within the company.


We provide service excellence by understanding the needs of our clients and ensuring the highest levels of presentation, punctuality and performance


We take pride in our work, ensuring it is delivered to the highest possible standard, aiming to exceed expectations every step of the way.


We focus on being proactive, not reactive, every time. Prevention is always better than treatments.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allows access to complimentary confidential counselling services. This service can be accessed either via a telephone consultation or a face-to-face meeting with an experienced counsellor, whichever best suits our employees.

We offer PSG staff a wide range of perks to appeal to all employees. Such perks include providing healthy meals and snacks, study reimbursements, professional development in the form of paid training, wellness activities such as walking events, ergonomic desk accessories, remote working options when required, company-sponsored charity events, and a games breakout area in head office.

We care about our employees at PSG and always ensure they have the appropriate equipment to perform their duties to the highest possible standards. At the commencement of the summer months, we provide staff with hygiene packs that include deodorant and a spare PSG branded shirt. During winter months, we check on our PSG staff, ensuring they have water available throughout the night and handwarmers to keep them warm through the winter evenings.

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