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Premium Solutions are a first class security provider. Communication is key to successful business partnerships and the team at Premium Solutions communicate early often assisting with business alignment, shift execution and risk mitigation. As the Approved Manager on our Liquor Licence their ongoing training & development of their workforce and understanding of evolving legislative requirements gives me peace of mind our Club is well protected. This has been proven with their shift execution particularly for large scale events such as Anzac Day. I strongly recommend Premium Solutions to any organisation at the security tender process or those looking to change.
I recently engaged with Premium Solutions to provide a guard for my daughter’s 16th birthday party to manage the guest list and provide asset protection as this party was held at our home and I had heard that sometimes guest list management can get out of hand! Scott was responsive from my initial enquiry and even came to the event to introduce me to the guard he had arranged for the evening and ensure everything was as expected. Scott and his team were great and I highly recommend them. Fortunately their presence was all that was required on the night, I felt much more confident about hosting a party at home and we had no incidents or unwanted guests entering the party. Definitely worth the peace of mind.
Cant explain to you how good this company is, I’ve worked for every security company in Sydney this is by far the greatest, Rostering team don’t make you work they dont maniupulate you to work as well like other companies such as anchor and global TCP, Team is extremely professional and nice, and very negotiable. Can’t reccomend a better company to both work for and to look after your venue/private gig.
A great and innovating company which prides themselves in excellence and customer satisfaction. It’s a pleasure to interact with one the finest security groups of the future, who cater in all facets of the industry.
Premium Solutions is the best security company. They have a team of high-quality guards who are friendly and helpful, which make them perfect for any customer! I can personally recommend this service to anyone looking at hiring security services because PSG has been so great in my experience with them.
I must say Premium Solutions company is one of the best security companies in the town with highly professional teams with quality service. They are very professional and responsible.
Excellent service indeed, always provide very timely and professional assistance whenever needed, most friendly team ever, makes you feel at home, especially cool Manish, always greets you with his very handsome and smiley face. Really impressive because you re not only treated as their valued customers but also as their friends 😊😊😊
Hello, I would like to thanks Premium Solutions Manish from Regis Tower, for his friendliness, also for the quality of his service in being able to resolve any situation that residents need.
Manish is an excellent member of the Castlereagh st team. I always found him to be a very warm, astute and composed – even when things got frantic. I appreciated the way he would properly manage the building whilst always being a proactive, friendly and approachable figure. Thanks!
When it came time to review the security contractor at the Sackville Hotel, Premium Solutions was an easy choice, their professionalism and compliance shines through in their level of work and attention to detail, which means I can rest easy knowing that my security teams cares about the pub as much as I do.
I’m stoked we found you guys! It is refreshing to have such incredible communication in the lead up and I’m blown away by the fantastic guards that were provided. Who knew it could be this easy!?
“Premium Solutions are always exceeding my expectations, going above and beyond to ensure my needs are met. Their guards are well-trained, do an amazing job and are professional and pro-active.”
Premium Solutions is the best security company I have worked with in my career in Sydney. Guards are professional and well trained. The most important point for me is how easy they are to contact with any issues. If you have any problems they are resolved almost on the spot. Highly recommended!
The new security team are on point! They bring so much presence and initiative.
Thank you for providing a strong, professional team of guards that are polite, level-headed and proactive.
I’d like to express my gratitude in regards to the outstanding service provided by Premium Solutions at The Moreton complex in Bondi. The security guards rostered on within our building showcase the utmost diligence and responsiveness with their actions on-site. It has been a pleasure to work with several members of Premium Solutions as well as the company itself. Thank you for providing a professional, yet safe working environment for residents within our building. Premium Solutions has been able to provide ongoing support, despite unexpected short turnarounds, and irrespective of the notice, the guards assigned on-site have demonstrated well-versed knowledge and action throughout their tenure on duty. Thank you once again for issuing quality service and safety around the complex.
The team at Premium Solutions have been a pleasure to work with. Premium Solutions have supplied us with a team of efficient and accommodating concierge and security staff members. PSG’s expertise has helped us run our residential site which consists of two buildings at St. Leonard’s Square and houses over 1000 residents and various commercial businesses. PSG have been fluid in their ongoing duties and have professionally adapted when needed during this difficult COVID-19 lockdown. Thanks again!
“Working with Premium Solutions has consistently been a solid business relationship; exceedingly delivering on service aspects such as flexibility, timeliness of communication, well-trained on-site staff and dedicated operations management. At Finery, their service encompasses a complex of mixed use facilities (incl. retail and Council roads) and their adherence to and following up on expected protocol has been much appreciated and commended by the residents, as well as site facilities operations. From my perspective, and with having experience with numerous similar developments across Sydney, I appreciate the mutual relationship and would pass my recommendations.” PSG’s expertise has helped us run our residential site which consists of two buildings at St. Leonard’s Square and houses over 1000 residents and various commercial businesses. PSG have been fluid in their ongoing duties and have professionally adapted when needed during this difficult COVID-19 lockdown. Thanks again!
Premium Solutions provided security services for the Production of TV series Heartbreak High, in Sydney from November 2021 to March 2022. Production found the services both professional and cost effective. We enjoyed working with the team and correspondence exceeded expectations, with detailed guard reports received for each day of the job. In the film industry it is most important to have reliable security guards out to location at short notice and this service was delivered without stress. Many thanks to Tone and the team at Premium Solutions.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for providing such great support while the kids and I were in isolation. Thankfully we’re all clear now and none of us got particular I’ll. The concierge’s were all extremely helpful and we wouldn’t have got through it without their excellent assistance.
Time goes by quickly and we often understate the important things, so the reason for this email is to say a simple thank you for all of the great work you do. Managing a complex the size as St.Leonards square must carry many responsibilities not seen by the public eye but it is apparent to us that you meet these with commitment and professionalism. I also extend our thanks to all of your supporting staff for their friendly, engaging manner. The combination of their actions and your direction make living here a genuine pleasure, which we appreciate.
Jake is the epitome of a 5 star concierge and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is always so friendly, approachable and helpful. I have encountered many concierge staff in various buildings over the years and can hand on heart say that Jake is the best of the best!
There’s a pretty awesome community here. The commercial and retail space includes a supermarket, barber shop, vibrant cafe, fine dining restaurant, bottle shop, gym and still more to come. The concierge team is amazing (John Paul, Jake, Alan). Will go out of their way to ensure things run smoothly and residents and visitors are having a positive experience. The team is a pleasure to be around.
The concierge staff are always helpful with any queries that I may have. Shout out to John-Paul, Jake and the rest of the staff for always managing expectations so well even if they are challenged by residents for issues out of their control. Always friendly faces behind the desk wishing good morning, good evening to residents and visitors.It makes the complex feel premium as opposed to many other buildings where the concierge and security staff sit there and say nothing.
Such a lovely place in the heart of St Leonards. There is anything you need at your doorstep, now more than ever with the new opening of Salon Lane.Concierges are always so pleasing, nice and polite. They are always happy to have a chat and accomodate your needs.
Beautiful place to live, it’s really central and has a lot to offer. Some of the amenities break down a bit too often would be good if they would have build with some more quality products but still really enjoyable.A special shout-out to the concierges as they are always really help full! John-Paul, Jake, Allan, Anastasia and the rest of the team thanks!
SLS is not without its challenges but the friendly, courteous and professional approach from all of the concierge staff make it a great place to live. Incredible location in a fast growing precinct. Great views for those lucky enough to get them. A warm, kind, dog friendly community.
This is a wonderful building to live in with a great community, outstanding amenities and very helpful and friendly concierge team. It is in a great location and offers convenient retail / food / beauty salon right on the ground floor.
One particular staff member I have to mention is Vijaya. He goes above and beyond expectations to deliver exceptional service. The other staff are how ya going depending on their mood. However, wether it’s raining or sunny, vijaya always radiates energy.
Great service and concierge! Always helpful and nothing is ever to much work! Thank you team!

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